Lumber Rack Details

I have never really had a proper way to store my lumber, and as my stock pile grew I realized that my shop was being overtaken by wood randomly scattered throughout it.  I decided to solve this problem and build myself a nice lumber rack.  This project is mostly made up of scrap pieces of wood that I had laying around.  The only wood that was purchases were the two 8' 2x4" for the base, and the 4 8' 2x4" for the uprights; everything else was made from free/reclaimed materials.  The lumber rack measures 8' tall by 8' wide.  

Let's get started!

Items Needed:

  • Miter saw or Circular saw
  • Drill/Impact driver
  • 3" wood screws
  • 2 1/2" wood screws
  • 1 1/4" wood screws
  • 6 - 8' 2x4"
  • Various lengths of scrap wood

Start off by making the base of the lumber rack.  This is 8' long by 30" deep (I was limited by the little step in the floor), be sure to leave 3.5" behind the rear cross support to add in the uprights.  I did end up adding in more supports to the bottom as you will see later on.  I didn't do anything fancy there just glued and screwed using 3" wood screws.  

Glue and screw the first support on.  I decided to go with a psudo-mortise and tenon joint by sandwiching my lumber supports between separate sections of 2x4".  This first support is 50" long and will be where my first support will go.  

I then glued my 18" lumber supports right up against the upright support and glued a 16" piece just above that sandwiching in the lumber support that is glued and screwed in place with 5-2 1/2" screws.  This gives me 16" of space to stack lumber which will be plenty!  I then added the other two lumber supports in with my 16" piece in between and finished it off with a small 4" piece for the top. 

I then glued and screwed the upright supports into place with 5 - 3" wood screws in each.  

I then added a few cross supports along the back to help stabilize the rack using some scrap pieces I had laying around.  

I also decided to add more support to the bottom row to further strengthen the rack, this will also add places to screw in dividers for my short board storage.

I then took some scrap free wood that I had and ripped it down to the appropriate size to make myself a make shift "floor" for the lumber rack.  

After adding in all of the scrap pieces to make a floor I added some dividers, separating my shorter pieces, using other reclaimed wood I had laying around and I began loading it up with wood.   

Using some other scrap wood I had I added a shelf under the second row to support short off cuts of nice wood and I finished loading the rack up!

This project turned out really well and is extremely sturdy!  It fits all of my needs and takes care of the lumber storage problem I had!  If there is anything you would like more information on or if you have any comments on this build, please let me know!  I'd be happy to hear from you!   

I hope you enjoyed the build!

See you next time!