I get asked quite often about the different tools that I use so I figured I'd put a list up of everything with links to them.  These are the tools that I use and what works for me, it may not be everyone's favorite or the best tool, but it's what I have.  Many of these tools I did not start out with, but are tools that I have built up to over time.  Craigslist is one of the best resources for finding good deals on tools and is where many of my tools came from!  I will continue to modify this list as I add new tools to the shop!

Most of the links to items are affiliate links and by purchasing anything using these links you will help support me and my workshop!  It costs you the exact same amount, but also helps me out!


Air Nail Punch - AirLocker ap700

Roman Carbide - 2-1/8" Forstner bit

Roman Carbide - Starter Carbide Forstner Bit Set

Large Power Tools

Handheld Power Tools

Benchtop Power Tools

Sharpening System

Workshop Accessories